Goodbye Home Control, Meet the Eco Smart Home™

With the Eco Smart Home™ you can control and optimize almost any smart devices made today, all from one app, from anywhere in the world. Eco learns your home’s routines and makes subtle adjustments to save you energy and money, all while giving you Universal Control of your things.

Universal Automation
Real Energy Savings
Personalize Security
Energy Monitoring & Alerts
Solar Monitoring & Alerts
Maintenance Alerts
Video Camera Recording
Smart HVAC Control
Digikey Door Access

Universal Controller

Eco connects to all the popular smart devices, so you can update your hub without having to update all your sensors.

Preventative Maintenance

Be informed when your appliances need attention. Even know when filters needs changing, motors need servicing, or even when vents get clogged up.

Family Protection

Receive emergency alerts and visual confirmation of your loved ones activity in the home using motion sensors.



Build Your Own Automations on the fly, right from your phone. Send a Digital Key to your home. Watch live video as soon as motion occurs. Its your home, so you should be able to simply make it perform around your lifestyle.

Real Energy


Eco not only suggests brilliant opportunities for energy savings, but Eco can take action with its Universal Home Automation control features! If no one is home, why keep the lights on? You have better things to think about, so sit back and let Eco take care of all the details for you.


Eco Mode

Put Eco to work see the earning potential that comes with just making a few simple, subtle, smart choices. Your lights, thermostat, and appliances adjust to your lifestyle putting money in your pocket every month.


Family Care

Keep an eye on your loved ones from anywhere in the world. Eco will let you know if your kids stray from their route home or will allow you peak in and watch them playing around the living room.


Home Security

Leave your home with the peace of mind that Eco is watching over things for you and if anything out of the ordinary occurs, you and your security monitoring company both will get notified immediately.


Rise and Shine

You deserve to wake up on the right side of the bed. So go ahead and let Eco wake you up to a slowly lit room with the fresh aroma of coffee brewing, and the right tunes to get your day started.