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Certified Eco installers can earn a Residual Income, by helping their customers Save Energy with Eco’s Patent Pending Energy Automation Technology, all while providing customers Universal Control over just about any Smart Home Device.

Stand Apart from the Competition
Stay Connected with Your Customers
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Free Training and Support

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Happy Customer = More Referrals

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Easy to Use

With Eco’s simple to use mobile app, your customers will quickly be up and running with with our in-app training, which means you’ll quickly be off to your next job.

Eco makes your install just a bit cooler! With the advanced features of universal Home Automation, your customers have one more thing they can brag about to their friends and family.

Most homeowners waste an average of 20% of the energy they use. Eco quickly finds the energy wasting culprits, instantly saving your customers money each month.

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Provide us with your contact information and create a EcoTeam account.


Complete Free
Training & Certification

You’ll need to complete a basic skills assessment and train course to get geeked out.

eco_home_automation_3 Install Simple
Plug and Play Devices

Bolt-on Eco’s Conservation Platform to your existing offerings and let the fun begin.

eco_home_automation_4Start Getting Paid
a Residual Income

You’ll start earning a healthy residual income from the energy savings you helped create.

You are in good hands with Eco,

Generating recurring revenue from interactions with your consumers, is imperative today to maximize your company’s growth and valuation — Finding a service that you can easily “bolt-on” to your existing business, without disruption is imperative. Working with professionals who have decades of experience in the energy contracting and direct-to-consumer world is paramount!

The professionals at Eco are in the trenches day-in and day-out helping our partners market Eco’s services and we are constantly learning new ways to share Eco’s story and increase your customers experiences.

Focus on your core business.

Are you tired of hearing about the internet of things (IoT) revolution from the sidelines? We enable you to leverage your existing resources to build a new level of customer loyalty through the use of leading-edge conservation technology, all while building up a recurring revenue stream from the energy you helped save.

Energy management is what we do and home automation is how we do it. We have mastered every phase of the process and with the expertise, training and support teams on hand to meet the needs of today’s contractors, we allow you to focus on your core business — while we help you get your piece of the IoT pie.

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